A steward is one who cares for and cultivates the resources of another. We are the stewards of God’s gifts and vision. A God-given vision finds its fulfillment in purposeful action. Many people and organizations have big dreams that remain unrealized because they fail to steward the very thing God put in their hearts. Vision must always motivate and encourage us to keep pressing toward our “why.” Our “‘why” is so that the kingdom of God becomes a reality in our spheres of influence. We long for God to reign in the hearts and lives of people and institutions that we impact.

In January, we ask each and every member and supporter of Chapelwood and all our worship communities – Sanctuary, Mercy Street, Contemplative, The Branch, Upper Room, Fair Haven, and Holy Family – to pray over your stewardship gift for the year and let us know your estimate. We create our budget at Chapelwood based solely on the commitments of our members and supporters. Chapelwood has a strong reputation as a faithful church in regard to stewardship. We leverage every gift for ministry to fulfill our mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, and your continued generosity is appreciated.

Please consider making your estimate of giving for 2018 by January 31. We understand that it's an estimate, not a pledge, and you may change it later. If something changes in your life this year that we can pray about together - a job change, a move, a family circumstance, or a life decision - please let us know. We are your church, striving to embody God's grace to you and to our world.

Thank you for providing your estimate of giving to Chapelwood's 2018 operating fund here.

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To make a monetary donation or contribution toward your estimate of giving, please visit the Gifts and Donations page.