Chapelwood UMC, Houston, Texas
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Administrative Ministry
Ministry Mission Statement

The Administrative Ministry is responsible for Chapelwood's ongoing business operations. Our staff includes the business administrator, office manager, and finance department, as well as the personnel involved in the maintenance and operation of the facilities.


Serving Opportunities
Clerical Assistant
Computer Data Entry
Facility Committee
Security/Emergency Response Committee
Sunday Morning Offering Administrator

Staff List

Bob Lindsey
Business Administrator
E-Mail This Contact
(713) 354-4495
Bob Johnson
Executive Pastor/Worship Communities Pastor
E-Mail This Contact
(713) 354-4431
Susan Hall
Office Manager/Administrative Assistant
E-Mail This Contact
(713) 354-4456
Colleen Lingle
Accounting Manager
E-Mail This Contact
(713) 354-4496
Nancy Hamilton
Associate Director of Human Relations
E-Mail This Contact
(713) 827-3946
Sher Ducic
Accounting Associate
E-Mail This Contact
(713) 354-4441
Gisela Hopkins
Accounting Assistant
E-Mail This Contact
(713) 354-4434
Kathy Jo Curran
Administrative Assistant
E-Mail This Contact
(713) 827-3970
Frank Jeffers
Building Superintendent
E-Mail This Contact
(713) 354-4418
Paul Beveridge
Associate Director of Safety
E-Mail This Contact
(713) 465-3467 ext: 240