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Before you Register

All members that have served as contacts for events and/or study classes have already been entered by Chapelwood. Many accounts are already in the Chapelwood database. To check to see if you have an existing account click here. There is no need to register if you already have an account. For more information, FAQ.

The benefit of registering:

This site contains an abundance of information which covers 1571 events, 182 serving opportunities that are hosted by 46 different ministries. You will find many listings that fit your interest. Likewise, there are many listings that will share no relation with your interest. To assist in making your experience more convenient, Chapelwood online provides a solution that recognizes the personality traits of our visitors and tries to deliver content of interest based on those traits. We call this My Chapelwood.

My Chapelwood is a customizable page where visitor can compile and save content that is of interest to them. Once a registered visitor logs into their account they can continue to browse the site normally. When they find an event, bible study, ministry or serving opportunity they like they can simply click on the icon to add content to their MyChapelwood page. When ever the visitor returns, they can click on the icon in the main navigation bar to view their customized page. This makes it easy to find information when they return. Out-dated information will be removed automatically so that their My Chapelwood page always stays current.


To enhance the users experience they have an option of creating a user profile. This is a simple questionnaire where one can enter their interest about sports, reading, learning, and much more. The user profile connects the individual with specific events that match their particular profile. For example, 35 year-old Evan enters a profile and selects that he teaches, has no children, golfs, likes small groups and running. Evan will automatically see the Men’s Ministry and The Table link on his My Chapelwood page because of his age and gender in his MyChapelwood page. Additionally, when information comes available Frank will see information on fun runs, marathons and the Roy Dye Golf Classic displayed in his event billboard and listings. Serving opportunities that match his career, liesur and experiences will also be shown. Because Evan has entered his profile information, unrelated listings such as Women’s Ministry events or children’s events will not be shown in his My Chapelwood.

In short, registering and entering a user profiles gets the information to our guest and members quicker. There are options where our guest and members can subscribe and unsubscribe to Chapelwood mailing list. And at any time, a user can delete their profile entirely.


User account information is kept private. You control your account and can modify, reset, or delete it at any time. No one will have access to your private information or be able to retrieve your password except for you. If you forget your login information, Click Here .

It’s safe, secure and helps you find things faster. What are you waiting for? Register now and get started building your My Chapelwood.


How did my account get made without me registering?

When a staff member enters a person as a contact for an event, Bible study, Sunday School class and etc. an account is genereated for that person.

Is my information private?

The only persons with access to the contact table is Chapelwood staff. Event contacts will be posted with the events. If you prefer not to have your contact information on the web, please notify the ministry director so they can select another contact.

How do I edit my contact information?

Click Edit My Profile at the top of any Chapelwood page.

Can I delete my account?

You can delete your profile informaiton; however your contact information remains on the church database. If you would like it removed completely, please e-mail from the email on the account requesting to be removed.

Registration Guidelines:

  1. Account member must use a unique email address.
    It is not possible to set up more than one account with the same e-mail.
  2. Usernames must also be unique. If the username that you are trying to enter is taken please choose a different username.
  3. Please provide your full mailing address and phone number.
    This information is used when you choose to subscribe for newsletters or request correspondence. It’s important to update this information when you move to assure that your continue receiving your subscriptions.
  4. If you receive a message that your username or email is being used by another user or you have forgotten your account information, Click Here . Please keep your account login information private and do not share it with others. Each user is required to have a unique e-mail address.
  5. Details will appear when hovered over. Mouse or hover over these icons to see additional details.

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