What is Baptism?

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The United Methodist Church recognizes baptism as an outward visible sign of an inward spiritual grace.  Baptism is the means by which individuals enter into Christ’s holy church, participate in God’s mighty acts of salvation, and receive new birth through water and the Spirit. All of this is God’s gift, offered to us without price.

The United Methodist Church offers the sacrament of baptism to infants, children, youth, and adults.  It is acknowledged as a one-time event in which God, the individual being baptized, and the members of the congregation enter into a covenant together.

Vows of Baptism

When individuals are baptized, they are asked to make vows in which they renounce the spiritual forces of wickedness, repent of their sin, accept the freedom and power to resist evil, and profess their faith in Jesus Christ. 

Mode of Baptism

Chapelwood’s mode of baptism is the application of water to the individual’s head and the laying on of hands.  Arrangements also may be made for baptism by immersion, which is fully accepted and offered less frequently. 

Infant and Child Baptism

When an infant or child is baptized, their parents make the vows of baptism on the child’s behalf. They also profess to train up their children in the ways of Christian love and faithfulness. Parents who desire to have their children baptized are required to participate in advance in a one-hour discussion of the meaning of baptism. 

Adult and Youth Baptism

Adults who desire to be baptized and youth who were not previously baptized as infants or children take the vows of baptism for themselves. 

To schedule a date for baptism in any of our worship communities and learn of any other requirements, please refer to the appropriate contacts below.  

Sanctuary worship community:
Adults and youth may be baptized on any Sunday in our Sanctuary services, with advance scheduling.  Baptism for infants and children is offered on the second Sunday of the month. Parents who desire for their infant/child to be baptized in the Sanctuary are required to take a one-hour preparatory class.  These classes are offered the fourth Sunday of every month at 11:15 a.m. in LC 201.

Adults: Contact Tammy Heinrich 
Youth: Contact Sarah Pattillo 
Infants and Children:  Betsy Humphrey.

The Branch: Contact Luis Palomo

The Center for Christian Spirituality: Contact Lori Anderson

Fair Haven: Contact Andy CunninghamBob Luton,or Jairo Ortiz.

Holy Family HTX: Contact Jacob Breeze

Mercy Street: Contact Steve Keyser 

Upper Room Worship Community: Contact Amy Vogel