Chapelwood generates podcasts for four of its services:  Sanctuary, The Branch, Mercy Street, and The Center for Christian Spirituality's Contemplative service. Two of the podcasts are currently published to iTunes, so Apple product users can quickly and easily link to them. The other two will be published to iTunes soon.  

Sanctuary Worship podcast - on iTunes

Mercy Street podcast - on iTunes

Android users and Apple users interested in the Branch and the Center podcasts will need to either download a podcast app, such as TuneIn or Stitcher, or use a browser that has a podcast app automatically as a part of it, such as Firefox. To use an installed podcast app, simply copy one of the following addresses (beginning with http://) and paste into your app of choice. If you are using Firefox as your default browser, simply click on a link.

Sanctuary Worship

Mercy Street

The Branch

The Center for Christian Spirituality - Contemplative service

If you just want to listen to a single individual service, those can be found by navigating to Resources | Messages | Video Archives, then filtering by the topic, service, speaker, or worship community you're looking for. Sermons (or sermon series, where available) are displayed. Click to a particular service, then in the header image at the top of the screen, choose "Play Audio," (in green letters).