What to Expect

The Branch is a worship community of Chapelwood UMC. Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ by embodying God’s grace as we receive it to those who need it for the transformation of the world.

Our worship service is not just an event to take in or something to attend. The church is people, not a service. Our worship service is when the body of Christ gathers to celebrarte the living Christ and His work in our midst. We don’t claim to be perfect people. We do; however, claim that we are imperfect people redeemed by grace. It is our hope that through the worship services we will all experience the grace of God. Everyone is welcome. For this reason our services are contemporary and casual in nature.

We are a multi-generational, bilingual community (English and Spanish) located at 1330 Gessner Rd (look for the Fair Haven sign). So if you speak ONLY English or ONLY Spanish or both, you, your family and friends will feel at home. Currently our services are in Spanish and English. We wanted to create a space in which families and individuals from distinct backgrounds, ages and cultures could worship together. Many of our families are already divided down the lines of language, but we don’t think it has to be that way at church.

We recommend that you to arrive 30 minutes before the service. This will give you plenty of time to register your child and hang out, enjoy some coffee or a snack, and get to know a few people before the service.

In the Neighborhood?

We welcome visitors to all of our services. Come as you are, we would love to meet you and your family and help you learn about all that is going on around Chapelwood.

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