Spring 2019 After-School Enrichment

For a printable description of classes and schedules (desktop version), click here.

 Activities begin at 2:00 p.m., the close of the regular school day. Instructors/coaches escort students from their classrooms to the location of  the after-school activity on the Chapelwood campus.   If you have any questions, or need more information, please contact Krista Drury at kdrury@chapelwoodschool.org. Register Below.

Available classes:

ZiZi's Yoga for Kids- Click here to register. Our Yoga classes are based on the method of Dahn Yoga which focuses on body and brain. This type of yoga allows for kids to control themselves when they are nervous, scared, or want to calm themselves down.  Yoga for children is full of very fun lessons integrating a mix of yoga poses, games, music, and improvisation! Class offered on Tuesdays. 

Spanish - Children are encouraged to learn Spanish with books, games, songs, and puppet demonstrations that make this class fun and exciting. A child's early exposure to new languages and cultures enhances learning skills and promotes a better appreciation of our multicultural society. Offered Monday through Friday.

Catering To Kids - A cooking class for children! Children learn basic cooking skills, develop math skills and experience new and different foods. Manners and a few art projects will be featured. Offered Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Register below.

Tumbling/Gymnastics - This fun and motivating class encourages children through a success-oriented, positive learning experience. The setting is non-competitive and athletic oriented. Instruction is in floor exercise, vaulting, balance beam and simplified bars. Offered Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Register below.

Atelier: Exploratory Art for Young Children:   Play-based activities using a variety of art mediums including oil pastels, cardboard, clay, colored charcoal, paints, found objects and loose parts as a means to express their ideas, encourage collaboration, and engage their insatiable minds. Classes offered Monday and Wednesdays. Register below.

Mrs. Laura's Dance Academy - Click here to register. Girls are introduced to the wonderful world of dance through Mrs. Laura's unique and creative style. Students will learn ballet and tap basics as well as creative movement which will focus on motor skills, rhythm and musicality skills. Offered Tuesdays. 

Mini Stars Soccer - A new soccer skill is developed in each class. The program works on coordination with and without the ball. Every student has his or her own ball at all times which allows them to practice and play at the appropriate level. The challenge and excitement of the games keep learning fun. Offered Mondays and Thursdays.  Register below.

Mini Stars Outdoor Sports - Click here to register. Class held in the Chapelwood Gym. This class develops new skills for a variety of sports. The program works on coordination, perception, agility conditioning and balance. The challenge of all the sports and excitement of the games keeps learning fun! Offered Fridays

Tae Kwon Do -  Click here to register. Tae Kwon Do helps children increase attention span, learn respect for others, increase self-esteem and improve coordination. If you are looking to enhance your children's abilities in a safe, positive class, Tae Kwon Do is encouraged. The class is taught by Master Bruce Alamdari. Offered Mondays.

A Time to Dance - (Instructor Donna Smith) Click here to register. Young girls are provided experience in dance classes to develop strong self-esteem discipline, confidence, character and a stronger body. The instructors make a commitment that your student is happily motivated and rewarded for a job well done in striving to be a dancer. Offered Wednesdays. 

FUNtastic Fitness -  Click here to register. Weekly lesson plans create imaginative play with movement to music. Activities using rainbow parachutes, obstacle courses and aerobics add to the fun. Workouts are disguised as lively adventures that focus on fine and gross motor skills. Children learn to recognize muscles and bones and how to take care of their bodies. Offered on Wednesdays.