There are a number of ways to participate at Chapelwood, and we want to make sure you can find what you're looking for - even when you may not know exactly what that is. 

First - Events.  Opportunities in this category include things like concerts, special services, gatherings not associated with a particular group, and more. Generally speaking, if you're looking for an event, you're not looking for a way to volunteer your time or commit to a particular group for a long period of time, you simply want to attend a program that you find interesting or that meets your needs. 

Second - Studies and Groups.  Opportunities in this category are a little more long-term than Events.  Sunday School classes are a perfect example - while membership is open at any time to newcomers, for the most part the familiar faces you'll see each time the group meets will foster a sense of community and fellowship.  If you're looking to step in and "join something," here's where you'll want to start.

Third - Serving Opportunities. Sometimes they're recurring, sometimes they just happen once, but here's where you look if you want to give back in some way - whether at the church, in the community, or globally. You could think of these as volunteer opportunities - and they range from serving as a Scripture reader, teaching Sunday School, mentoring at a local elementary school, helping a high school student navigate the world of college applications, traveling to Maua Methodist hospital in Kenya or the remote regions of Haiti, or stepping up to any of hundreds (literally!) more possibilities. 

Fourth - Ministries. If you don't know exactly what you are looking for, but you have a general idea (Music? Kitchen Ministry? Parenting? Student Ministry? A particular worship community?) browse through these collections of events, groups, and opportunities all focused on a particular topic. Not even sure of what's available?  Here's a good place to start. 

Fifth - Submitting a prayer request is another way to participate. Our prayer team will receive your request and lift your needs up.