Chapelwood has partnered with Haitian Artisans for Peace International (HAPI) since 2011.  HAPI is a Methodist-supported mission project that focuses on micro-business projects, artisan projects, a children's ministry, a local medical clinic, and a local Methodist congregation. 

Our purpose in traveling to Haiti is to build relationships and work alongside HAPI primarily through dental clinics.  We also work in children's ministries, such as sports camps and a group called Peace Pals.  If you have specific training in dentistry or medical fields, you will be especially helpful to this ministry.  There is also a need for assistants in the dental clinic and working in the community that do not require specific dental skills. 

Please pray for our next team as they travel from July 26-August 2. 

Total Cost: $900, ages 16 and older (*note only those 18 and older will be allowed to work directly with dental patients)

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Janine Roberts

Ministry Director, Share Ministries (Global and National Serving)

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