Whether you're here with us in Houston or are joining us from somewhere around the world, Chapelwood has a wide variety of resources to help you on your spiritual journey.  The "Messages" section is all about God's word going out in different forms - worship services (live, archived, or podcast), certain concerts and performances, Bible studies, and more. 

Many of our members and visitors have shared inspiring stories of faith and life, and a number of those stories are available for you to watch or read.

Speaking of reading, two of Chapelwood's most beloved resources are the Bookstore and the Library.  Books and materials on Christianity, Christian living, recovery, and much, much more are available, as are Christian-themed gift items from jewelry to t-shirts to artwork.

Our church newsletter, the Chimes, is another great resource. Whether you're keeping up with what's going on this month or are looking back to see what was important months or even years ago, the Chimes has cataloged Chapelwood's activities since the mid-sixties (or maybe even earlier).

Get support in the form of pastoral care, a twelve-step or care group, or prayer. Chapelwood hosts a number of 12-step meetings weekly, while our pastoral care staff stands ready to provide support in times of crisis.  

And of course, our facility itself is a resource. Click here to find out more about Chapelwood's facilities.