Memorial Chapel and Columbarium

Within the walls of Chapelwood there is a Memorial Chapel and Columbarium. This sacred space, as well as the beautiful garden just outside its doors, is dedicated as a place of reverence for meditation. As a columbarium it is also the final resting place for the cremated remains of members of our congregation and others. For those whose cremains are not in the columbarium, there is a Memorial Wall to remember those who have loved and served this church and gone on before us to heaven. Surrounded by the names of this “cloud of witnesses," we can pause to remember, to meditate, and to pray.

The Columbarium

The columbarium is for those who are members of Chapelwood and their immediate family.  There is no cost to obtain a niche, but we are asking for donations to help defray the cost of building out the Memorial Chapel and Columbarium. These donations are voluntary and a donation is not required in order to place an urn in the columbarium.  While all donations are appreciated and accepted, we are asking for a donation of $4,000 per requested niche, which holds two urns. This amount essentially covers all of the costs associated with having a niche available for you.  Donations in excess of $25,000 will receive special recognition on a plaque in the room in appreciation of their support in making the room possible.  Those who contribute at the suggested donation amount (above) will be invited to complete an application for a niche, make an appointment to review their application and other paperwork, and select their niche from the available niches.  If you do not make a donation, you can apply for a niche once you have an urn ready for placement.   Our experience with other churches and their columbaria leads us to believe there will be plenty of niches available for those who want one. We are beginning with about 400 niches (which can hold 800 urns). Our permit allows us to add over 400 more niches at some point in the future.

The Memorial Wall

The Memorial Wall is available to honor those whose remains are not in the Columbarium but who have served Chapelwood and gone on to heaven before us.  Members of our church may secure a spot on the wall to memorialize a family member, clergy, or selected others who have served this church.  Each space contains two lines of text and costs $1,000. The first line contains the individual's name and the second line contains the year of birth and year of death. This tax deductible donation will be used to help complete and maintain the Memorial Chapel and Columbarium.

For information on obtaining a space in the Columbarium or for memorializing the name of a loved one on the Memorial Wall, please contact Susan Hall at (713) 354-4456 or