Welcome to the Blended service!

enthusiasm - vitality - community

Beginning at 8:25 and lasting about an hour, this is the first service held each Sunday morning in the Sanctuary. The music is provided by our 75-member youth choir during the school year; during the summer a variety of talented musicians lead in worship.

Sometimes people have questions about how different churches "do worship." Where do I park? Where's the right door? Does it matter where I sit?  What do people wear? We understand!  So, here are a few answers to those things people wonder about.  

Feel free to dress in a way that you’re comfortable – you’ll see a few suits, plenty of guys without coat or tie, women in skirts/dresses or slacks, and kids in dresses, pants, and shorts. There are some first-time visitor parking spaces near the main Sanctuary doors on the southwest side of the campus, and there are friendly parking lot attendants to help with traffic flow. There are signs inside that will direct you to the Sanctuary.  There’s coffee in the hallway, and we kindly ask that you finish it before entering the Sanctuary. The ushers will hand you a bulletin and help you find a seat if needed. Don’t worry – you won’t be singled out. We know that some people prefer to take their time deciding if a church is right for them, and we respect that. Kids are more than welcome - this service has a children's sermon, where children from toddlers up to about third grade go to the front steps to hear a short message created especially for them. There is a nursery available, in case your very young child might be more comfortable there, but that is completely up to your family.

Everyone's welcome. YOU'RE welcome. Come join us!