As you may already know, Jerry Webber will be moving to Arkansas this spring to continue his ministry in a new and different way and to join his wife Paula, who has accepted a job there. This is a wonderful opportunity, and we celebrate with them! While we are still adjusting to this news, we know that it is important to make a plan for the ministry that Jerry began here, to assure that spiritual growth and insight continue to impact the lives of Chapelwood members and participants.

A Word from Jerry Webber

Dear Friends,
I have a book of poetry on my shelf by the great Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda, with the title, “I Explain a Few Things.” I chuckle every time I see it on my shelf and wonder if I would ever have the nerve to write something called, “I Explain a Few Things.” So here and now, in a couple of paragraphs, I want to explain a few things. First, thank you for your many kindnesses as we are over two months into transition. I’ve been so grateful for the spirit and courage of our community as we move into the days ahead. I felt the Community Dinner last Sunday (January 21) would be a small pivot, a beginning step into the “whatever-is-next” for The Center community. There will be time for goodbyes and parting blessings, but at the same time we are all attending to the “whatever-is-next.” So a Search Team has been formed to find the next leader for The Center, and the ministry will carry on in many of the same ways as in the past.

Then, this information that comes up often in personal conversations:

●  I do not know the actual date of my leaving. The short answer is when our house sells. And as of today, the house has not sold. Thus far, no one at Chapelwood is hurrying me to exit.

●  I do not know exactly what I will do in Arkansas, except that it will look something like what I have done here . . . speaking and teaching, leading retreats, offering spiritual direction, and helping people in the world connect more deeply with God, self, others, and the created world.

●  We’ll have time for blessings and goodbyes before I leave. I promise not to hop aboard a U-Haul and sneak out of town in the dead of night without telling you.

●  Before I depart, I’ll share with you my personal contact information, so if you’d like to stay in touch or be on a mailing list, you’ll have that opportunity.

That’s enough explaining for today. Later, I’ll explain a few more things – again, with tongue in cheek.
Peace and love,

Notes from the Community Dinner

On January 21, we hosted almost 80 people at The Anchor House for a Community Potluck Dinner. John Stephens introduced the Search Committee to identify the next leader of The Center.

Chairs of the Search Committee: Carole Alm Pascoe and Tracy Little Members of the Search Committee: Noël Denison, Fai Yengo, Caroline Crow Dodds, Mark Jodon, Bill Kallmeyer, and Elaine Mayo.

Carole Alm Pascoe and Tracy Little facilitated a forum around 4 questions as a way to gather input for their work.
The questions to consider are:

● What is one of most important qualities/characteristics/abilities of the next Pastor of The Center?
● What is one thing that you want the search committee to consider as they go about their work?
● What is a dream or vision that you have about the work of The Center?
● What does The Center mean to you?

If you were unable to attend the dinner or if you have had additional thoughts since Sunday night, you may send an e-mail to Carole Alm Pascoe at, or Tracy Little at

If you would like to read the responses that we have had so far to these questions, please click here

Job Description

Please click here to see the job description.