Upper Room Bands

Bands are our network of weekly short-term (4-6 weeks) growth groups of 4-6 that connect to share life and pray for each other. Our goal is for every member of the Upper Room family to join a UR Band. Life in a Band is the best way to get the most out of our teaching series and make connections with others on the same journey. You don’t have to be a member of the UR to join a UR Band and we make it easy to plug in.

There are three UR Band options:

1. Garage Band: Create your own group of 4-6 that meets in-person off campus. These Bands often include non-members.
2. House Band*: Groups of 4-6 that meet on campus Sunday's before or after our worship service and Wednesday before or after UR Prays.
3. Cyber Band*: Groups of 4-6 that use electronic media to meet (video conference, conference call, etc.)
*UR Family members and guests who would like to be placed in a group to meet new people will be assigned to House and Cyber Bands only. To sign-up for one of these powerful growth groups send your contact information to Genesis Mitchell TODAY at gmitchell@chapelwood.org

Relational and Sharing Opportunities

1. UR Serves - our sharing ministry that trains volunteers and leaders, and provides opportunities (Hospitality, tech, music, singing, teaching, children, etc.) for our UR Family to use their gifts in service to God and the church.
2. UR Prays - our foundational prayer ministry and team what engages in a array of initiatives including Wednesday night prayer, The Release Citywide prayer and praise gathering (monthly), Transformation and Sozo prayer sessions, and prayer classes
3. UR Women - our women’s ministry that actively engages over in relevant spiritual, serving, and social activities
4. UR Storytellers - our writing, filming, photographing, and editing team that brings the power of testimony into every service, meeting, gathering, website, and social media platform.