Do you find that you are way too busy during December?

Do you get distracted by all the hustle and bustle of Christmas in our culture?

Are you seeking an opportunity to be more present to yourself and to God as you close out 2019?


Consider joining us for our Advent Retreat.


In the Christian Tradition, December is an opportunity to prepare for Christmas through the season of Advent. This season, which means “coming” from the Latin adventus, is marked with watchfulness, anticipation, and hopeful waiting for the “coming of Christ.” In Advent, we are encouraged not to simply remember Christ’s coming as a child in Bethlehem but also his coming within us today.


Our Advent Retreat this year at the Villa de Matel provides a sacred and beautiful opportunity to explore Advent themes and prepare our hearts to welcome Christ anew. Our day of retreat will include interaction with a Gospel parable centered on watchfulness and wakefulness. We will have individual time for reflection, opportunities for journaling and art.  Most of the day, including our noon meal, will be in silence. The day will be facilitated by Rev. Dr. Michael Sciretti, Jr.


Registration is open and will be limited to the first 25 participants. Registration will open Tuesday October 1, and close at noon on Monday, December 3. Cost for the day is $45.

We have several additional opportunities in the month of December to worship and celebrate the birth of Jesus.

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