Group Contact: Michael Sciretti Jr.

Community: Sanctuary, The Center for Christian Spirituality

This small group meets weekly in The Anchor House to practice Centering Prayer, a form of silent prayer that awakens us to God's presence and work in our lives. It is characterized by openness, receptivity, and listening. Nancy Sterling is the  facilitator.

A group of 8-12 people gather quietly in The Anchor House and exchange greetings and welcome visitors. Nancy Sterling reviews the method of Centering Prayer and leads everyone to silence and stillness. A Psalm is read aloud slowly and quietly as the group enters silent prayer. The group prays in silence for about 20 minutes, and then closes with the Lord's prayer and a short reading from a devotional book. Group members may slip out as needed. While the Monday group has been meeting for several years, they are continually welcoming new comers. Centering Prayer is a method of cultivating your friendship with Jesus.

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11110 Greenbay St., The Anchor HouseHouston, TX 77024

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