Group Contact: Michael Sciretti Jr.

Community: Sanctuary, The Center for Christian Spirituality

Do you listen to your heart first?

Or do you give more weight to the mind?

Or do you prefer to get in touch with your body and go with your gut?

According to the Enneagram, each of us has “three centers of intelligence”: mind, heart and body. With the help of the Enneagram, we can discover what our primary center of intelligence is, how to be more aware of this resource, and how to cultivate more presence as we incorporate the mindful use of all three centers. This Fall we will hold an Enneagram class and small groups on Sunday mornings after worship, from 10 – 11 a.m. We will meet as a large group, then break into small groups, and then come back to share in the large group again. We will use a new curriculum specifically created for us by our Enneagram teacher and consultant Sandra Smith.

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