Contacto de Grupo: Michael Sciretti Jr.

Community: Sanctuary, The Center for Christian Spirituality

What if life is a sacred pilgrimage? What if you’ve been sent on a divine mission?

Using the ancient Syriac Hymn of the Pearl, we will explore what it means to live one’s life both as a pilgrim and as one sent on a mission from God. This ancient, mystical hymn tells the “hero’s journey” of a young prince who is sent by his family on a mission to seize a priceless pearl guarded by a dragon, the trials he faces along the way, how he awakens to remember who he is and why he is there, what helps him to seize the pearl of great price, and his return journey to his homeland in the East to be reunited with his family and receive his robe of glory. In this class, we will explore contemplative teachings of Jesus that can be related to this Hymn, writings of Syriac mystics related to the themes of this Hymn, icons and illuminations that help us see and not only hear the Hymn, and practices that help us live our own “PilgriMission.”

Participants may join us on Wednesday nights in person or via live stream. Classes will also be archived for later viewing.

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11110 Greenbay St.Houston, TX 77024

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