Awaken, sleeper. 
Arise from the dead. 
And the Anointed One will enlighten you 
and shine through you. 
(Ephesians 5:14)

The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you: do not go back to sleep.
The heart-door is open and bids you to enter: do not go back to sleep.
The two worlds are waiting, the journey before you: stay awake.
Stay awake! Stay awake! Stay awake! Stay awake.
Contemplative chant from Epiphany Today: Between Two Worlds 
words from Rumi and Yeshua

Our Aim and Theme for 2021 is "Epiphany Today." By now you probably know we have an online platform by this same name, but “Epiphany Today” is more than an online platform; it is a process, as Ephesians 5:14 describes above. The word translated above as “enlighten” or “shine” is the word from which we get “epiphany.” It really means “manifestation.” So according to Ephesians 5:14, becoming an epiphany of Christ is the result of awakening from “sleep” and rising from “death.”

What does that mean in practical terms?  What does “sleep” look like for us personally? How do we “wake up”? What might “rising from death” or “resurrection” look like and feel like for us, right now? What does this say about who I really am and why I am really here?

Join us as we explore these questions and more in this new course that will give the contemplative teachings and practices that explain what “Epiphany Today” means and practical ways to see and be an epiphany today. On Wednesday evenings throughout this year, we will go on a journey through "Enchanting Wisdom for the Contemplative Journey" that can assist us in our aim to be epiphanies today - manifestations of God's light, life and love here and now. We will work with contemplative wisdom teachings and contemplative practices that are based on the contemplative chants found in the album, Epiphany Today: Between Two Worlds, that was released by Michael and his friend Logan Jones in 2019. Logan will join us for this journey as he and Michael talk about the chants and the teachings and practices that relate to the chants. In addition to being a musician, Logan is also a certified Enneagram coach and spiritual director. All those who register for the full course will be given a link to download the entire album for free. 

An introduction to the course will be offered on January 27, so that anyone who might be interested can get a preview of where we will be going. There will be three levels of engagement. 

  1. One, which will take place on the first Wednesday of each month, will be for those who want an experiential introduction to the "Chant of the Month" with biblical reflection and practical exercises. 

  2. The second, which will take place on the other Wednesdays of the month, will go more deeply into the material and will draw from teachings and practices from Contemplative Christianity (e.g. Thomas Keating and Christian mystics) and the Work of Inner Christianity (Cynthia Bourgeault and G.I. Gurdjieff). 

  3. The third will be a small group experience.

This will be the main course for the entire year. This course is for those who deeply wish to:

  • Deepen their connection with God that makes a difference in who they are with God, self, others, and creation;

  • Navigate with others this rapidly changing and uncertain time of world upheaval as an invitation and initiation into a more beautiful world;  

  • Stay centered and awake to the Light of God always within and around us; stand with others engaged in soul work who are seeking to live in the Larger Story of Love; and see and be epiphanies of God's Love made visible as we engage the world with Heartfulness.

As a part of providing levels of engagements, this year we are also offering Epiphany Groups. These are small groups that meet weekly to engage each other and support one another as each seeks to live in the Light of the material we are exploring each month. They are similar to the Methodist Discipleship Band Meetings. Without some kind of Work Group, it is very hard to experience transformation. We need the support and challenge of other people who help us in our efforts to set aims for transformation, do inner work, and encourage us to live in the Larger Story of Love. In each meeting, members will be asked to answer questions in light of Ephesians 5:14, such as: How is it with your soul? What are your struggles (“falling asleep,” “death”)? Successes (“staying awake,” “rising”)? When have you experienced enlightenment? Have you experienced Christ shining through you this week in a tangible way? As a part of the group meeting, each person will also receive prayer after they have shared. Each person will also have the opportunity to pass on sharing anything. More information will be given at our Introductory session on January 27. If you are already in a group and would like to formally become an Epiphany Group, please let Michael know so he can support you in this new intention. 

When you register for the Epiphany Today course, please indicate if you would also like to receive more information or to go ahead and sign up for an Epiphany Group. Epiphany Groups registration will close on February 4, after our first class on February 3.

To register for the course, click here.