Contemplative songs and simple contemplative practices for these times of social distancing.

Worshiping with St. Francis with the song We Will Sing An Alleluia.

Sometimes this heart will overflow,
A taste of heaven here below.
A feeling in the soul,
That God is in control.
So we sing an alleluia.

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia,
We will sing an alleluia.

Some alleluia grow from pain,
A cry of faith we can’t explain.
Although the heart feels numb,
We know that joy will come.
So we sing an alleluia.

This My Soul Loves - after St. Francis Salutation of the Virtues.

Holy Love and Surrender.
God within all.
Grant me, more of these,
As I die to more of me.
Help me walk in obedience.
God over all.
Virtues transcending.
Love never ending.
This I desire, this my soul loves.
This is my mission,
Perfect submission.
This I desire, this my soul loves.

Faucet Mishaps and the Potential of Darkness

Meet us in the darkness where we wait for you.
Empty us of everything that is not true.
Laying down what we desire,
We seek the truth beyond the fire.
So meet us in the darkness where we wait for you.

Suscipe - Based on the prayer by Ignatius of Loyola

All I am,
All I have.
You’ve given all
Into my care.
Every single thought,
Every choice I make,
The freedoms I possess,
Come fill them all with love.
Please receive
All I am.
As I receive
All that you are.
I return to you,
All that I hold dear,
To use as you desire,
For I believe in this:

Your grace,
Your love,
Is all that I need.
Your love,
Your grace,
Is enough for me.

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