The Center for Christian Spirituality hosts several retreats and Days of Prayer throughout the year so that individuals can step away from everyday routines and responsibilities to listen more closely for the still, small voice of God.

September 16 DAY OF PRAYER

On the day of the retreat, participants are greeted at the door and receive a nametag. Coffee and pastries are available as we make the transistion from the Houston traffic into a quiet, reflective retreat space. The first activity of the day is an orientation session to allow everyone to become aquainted with the retreat space, whether that is The Anchor House on the Chapelwood property or The Villa de Matel on Lawndale. Retreats tend to be groups of 15-25 people. After the orientation we begin a rhythm of large group gathering, then time for individual prayer. In the individual prayer time, people are free to find a comfortable chair or sofa to journal, reflect, rest, or read. Basic art supplies are available for creative expression. People may also choose to sit outside or go for a walk. Depending on the theme for the day, we may offer periods of Centering Prayer  or more directed scripture passages and readings. Advent and Lenten retreats are designed to help us enter those seasons more thoughtfuly and prayerfully. Sometimes we eat lunch in silence, and at other times, we break silence to share quiet conversation around the table.