Contacto de Grupo: Michael Sciretti Jr.

Community: Sanctuary, The Center for Christian Spirituality

This small group meets weekly over Zoom to practice Centering Prayer, a form of silent prayer that awakens us to God's presence and work in our lives. It is characterized by openness, receptivity, and listening. Nancy Sterling is the  facilitator.

We gather in a private virtual room and exchange greetings and welcome visitors. Nancy Sterling reviews the method of Centering Prayer and leads everyone to silence and stillness. A Psalm is read aloud slowly and quietly as the group enters silent prayer. The group prays in silence for about 20 minutes, and then closes with the Lord's prayer and a short reading from a devotional book. Centering Prayer is a method of deepening your communion with God.



All meetings are at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

Please contact Nancy Sterling for the Zoom link to join.


11110 Greenbay St., The Anchor HouseHouston, TX 77024

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