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At Chapelwood Young Adults, our core values of Truth, Worship, and Community are firmly anchored in Christ, who is at the center of everything we do.  Together as seekers of truth, we study the Bible as the living and powerful truth, which transforms hearts, shapes minds, and leads us closer to the heart of our Savior. With Christ as our ultimate source of inspiration, our goal is to create a deeply connected faith community where young adults can explore, question, and strengthen their faith alongside others on the same journey. We believe in fostering a space where authenticity and vulnerability are embraced, allowing individuals to freely express their doubts, struggles, and joys in the context of a genuine community. Through thought-provoking Bible studies and discussions, we seek to discover the truth revealed by Christ, grow in our relationship with Him, and learn how to apply His teachings in our daily lives. Our focus on Christ extends to our commitment to equipping young adults with the tools they need to navigate life's challenges and joys with unwavering faith. As we deepen our understanding of Christ's life and teachings, we are empowered to build a strong spiritual foundation, rooted in His love, grace, and wisdom.

Join us at Chapelwood Young Adults, where our pursuit of truth is grounded in Christ, our worship is centered on Christ, and our sense of community is rooted in Christ's love. Welcome to a place where faith flourishes, lives are transformed, and the journey of discovering God's truth becomes an extraordinary adventure in Christ!


Ways To Get Involved

Summer Bible Study 

6 one-off lessons throughout the summer

Class Schedule

                   On Monday, June 3rd, 10th,24th, and July 8th, 15th, and 22nd. The Bible Study takes place at night from 7-8 p.m. Once a month over the summer we will be doing a Community Night (social) instead of our normal Bible Study. 

Community Nights

Next Community Night: July 29th

Every month we do a community night instead of our Bible Study that involves some kind of social activity. Examples of this could be going out to a bar, board game nights, darts, etc...  

Fall Kick-Off

August 19th from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Anchor House

Join us for a free dinner and fellowship as we discuss what the fall will look like for the Chaplewood Young Adult Ministry.

Service Events

Every other month Chapelwood Young Adults hosts a service event to do as a group! We believe that is a core component of being a Christ-centered community. 

Workday lunches

Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. Check our Instagram for where we are going next!


We believe the young adult ministry is run by the people attending and to do that we have a couple of surveys people can fill out to give feedback and ideas. These are reviewed by the Young Adult Comittee.

Chapelwood Young Adults Input FormThis is for you to suggest any ideas for the group, any concerns, or give any input you think might be relevant for the Cahpelwood Young Adult Ministry.

Events/TopicsWe want YOUR help in figuring out what future events and Bible study topics will look like for the Chapelwood Young Adult Ministry 

FALL Weeknights- We need your help picking out what weeknight we will be doing the Bible Study this fall. Please give us your opinion. 

Summer Topics- This summer each of our 6 Bible Studies will be one-off lessons and not multi-week studies. Help us figure out what topics we will cover by filling out this survey. 

Contact Evan Nehring for more info or if you are new to schedule a time to get coffee. We want to get to know you! 

We update our Instagram regularly with all we are doing. Give us a follow to stay up to date:



11140 Greenbay St.Houston, TX 77024

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