The latest from the merger:
Makeover to give Fellowship Hall a fresh, friendly look

You know you love makeover shows! The woman who’s hiding her beauty in sweatpants and T-shirts is transformed so her warmth and inner beauty shine through. As they say on those shows: Fellowship Hall, it’s your turn for a fresh, more welcoming look! You’re getting a makeover!

Over the last 60 years, Fellowship Hall has hosted worship services, receptions, barbecue dinners, garage sales, concerts, Cleatith Dumas Extravaganzas … and so many other events that expanded our mission and sweetened our community life.

It’s a precious place for fellowship, and it’s ready for some tender loving care. What better time than right now, as we approach August 20, when we launch Fair Haven as a Chapelwood community?

Why are these changes happening?

Fellowship Hall hasn’t been updated in several years. As part of the merger transition process, members of the trustees of Chapelwood did a thorough assessment of the whole Fair Haven campus. They identified several improvements in Fellowship Hall that will help with acoustics, traffic flow, maintenance, and aesthetics. As with the best makeovers, this one will keep some of the features that make Fellowship Hall unique and versatile, such as the stage walls and the brick columns.

What changes are planned? 

Here are some of the major changes you’ll see:

  • Carpet on the floor to enhance the acoustics and simplify maintenance
  • New sheetrock ceiling
  • New lighting from this century (Wait, what about the disco ball?)
  • Sound-control booth
  • Remove the closets (and a favorite kids’ hiding place)
  • Reconfigure the stage layout to position to move musicians and other worship leaders closer to the congregation
  • HVAC work to reduce noise
  • Fresh paint

When is this happening? 

Right now, as you’re reading this. The goal is to have the changes completed in time for the August 20 launch of the Fair Haven Worship Community. 


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