Did you know that in the United States we throw away at least 10x as much food as it would take to end hunger? The Fair Haven Food Pantry has been serving our community since 1975.  Our mission is to provide food assistance until other food assistance is available or until assistance with food is no longer needed. 

 The Food Pantry offers the “Client Choice” model approachThe client choice model promotes higher satisfaction with the food available to choose, less waste and ultimately less cost of food provided and greater opportunities for volunteer and clients to interact. The basic premise of the client choice food pantry model is just that – allowing people seeking food assistance to choose for themselves what products they receive. Many client choice pantries resemble small grocery stores, with products on shelves and in coolers/freezers, from which clients can choose from. Client choice food pantries are the perfect companion to food banks, as their flexible structure allows them to accept a wide array of products to offer their clients, rather than trying to always keep the same exact few things in stock.  We are extremely thankful as well as grateful for the continued support of all the volunteers, donors and partners that make what we do even possible.

The Food Pantry is open and available Monday thru Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Clients are eligible for one visit per week.   It is located in the north parking lot at the east end of the Fair Haven Worship Community located at 1330 Gessner.  

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Feeding the needy is part of serving one another and as we serve others, we are serving Christ.