The Fair Haven Food Pantry has been serving our community since 1975.  Our mission is to provide emergency food assistance to persons in the Spring Branch/Memorial area until other food assistance is available or until assistance with food is no longer needed.  The Covid-19 virus has changed the way that the Fair Haven Food Pantry works.  With the wonderful assistance of Chapelwood, the food pantry has been converted to a drive thru pick up servicing 100s of people each day.  The drive thru is open Monday thru Friday from 10 am to 2 pm in the north parking lot of Fair Haven Worship Community located at 1330 Gessner.

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After the pandemic, the plan is to reopen the Food Pantry.   No one knows what the new how to Food Pantry will evolve.  Input has been sought from Food Pantry volunteers and outside  community entities.  More than 27 Food Pantry volunteers were interviewed.  The  interviewed volunteers' years of service vary less than a year to 35 years.  Please click here to see the Lessons Learned created from the interviews.

The Listening Team has also created an options document.   The document addresses the options to fill the administrative void left by the retirement of Bob McDonald and Lloyd Hejmancik from the Fair Haven food pantry and the wish of another member to serve in a different capacity.  It is not a document that defines the scope of the post-pandemic food pantry.   If you would like to view this document please click here.

Since you may have questions about the future of the Food Pantry or these documents, the Freqeuntly Asked Questions (FAQ) has been updated.   You can also submit questions below.