March 16, 2023, Iglesia Generaciones had 16 missionaries leave Chapelwood at approximately 6:40 AM.  Our first stop was at Buc-ces of course we cannot leave Texas without stopping at Buc-ces for a restroom break and of course lots of snacks, then we hit the road again. 

At 3:00 PM we made it to the Mexican border at the Rio Grande, we crossed over parked, then went to a local market for some cultural experiences and shopping. However, FIRST, we ate tacos for lunch of course and then we started walking, shopping, and getting to know the streets of Nuevo Progreso, Mexico. After strolling around we got on our bus and started heading our way to the motel. On our way to the motel, our bus was filled with worship and traditional Mexican songs. 

We arrived to our motel around 6 pm, unpacked, then we all met for dinner. We ate some beans, rice, and chicken while talking and spending the evening together. Then around 8 we all went into our rooms and called it a night (several of our younger missionaries enjoyed time at the pool 😉). We are ready for an exciting day tomorrow, touring several of the Missions of Manos Juntas, painting the Casa de Esperanza, and making pizzas with the children. 

Written by: Luisana Gomez 

Edited by: Alma Sastre 


This morning, we were up at 7 am and eating breakfast by 8:00 am. We started our day with a tour of the Larry Action Complex consisting of the Manos Juntas offices, gift shop, medical clinic, mission team dormitories, and after-school learning facilities.  The medical clinic serves the community by offering a variety of medical services through grants or a 50% discount of comparable services. Manos Juntas reaches thousands of people a year through these various outreaches. 

Our next destination was the Casa de Esperanza (House of Hope) where 20 children are housed. We first toured the home consisting of several classrooms, large bunk rooms, a cafeteria, and playroom. Next, we got to meet and play with the kids on the playground before starting our service project. 

Our team of 16, plus 4 of the older children from the home painted a large portion of the main entry and patio to the home. We sang worship songs while we worked and enjoyed knowing this job would brighten up and refresh the facility. 

It was now time for dinner and a pizza-making workshop with the children. Each child got to make their own individual pizzas with a choice of cheese, meat, and vegetables. The children enjoyed their pizzas, while we enjoyed our time with them. We had so much fun today and didn't want it to end, but we had to say goodbyes until tomorrow. 

Written by: Bella Cristo 

Edited by: Crystal Perez 


We woke up to a gorgeous day in Mexico. Amazing authentic Mexican breakfast at 8 am and then we headed off to Manos Juntas ranch where we'll be hosting a VBS for Casa de Esperanza for the day. 

We prepared a Journey to the Cross experience for the children where there were 8 interactive stations, each representing a key point in Jesus' Journey to the Cross. It included the Last Supper, where they were able to participate in communion. Then they went to the Garden of Gethsemane, where they learned how Jesus prayed and how they can pray. Next, they experienced the Betrayal of Judas, the coins, and what the betrayal of Judas meant. Then, we let them feel and touch a real crown of thorns and 6-inch nails, explaining to them the pain Jesus suffered for our sins. Then they were able to write their sins in the sand and erase it, representing Jesus wiping our sins away. Next, they journaled about the sins in their heart and the areas of their lives that they wanted to surrender to God. Lastly, they went to the cross and nailed those sins and areas written on paper to the cross. We concluded with worship, prayer, and a blessing over each of the children. The children were highly impacted and thoroughly enjoyed this experience of learning about Jesus. 

Next, we had a painting workshop where the kids painted objects representing the Journey to Cross. We made lovely art and it was pleasing to see the kid's creativity. Next, we separated the children into two groups and taught a Worship/Choreography workshop and a Drama workshop. The children will have the opportunity to perform worship and drama at our Sunday service. Next, we went outside and assigned the children to 4 different teams/tribes for our afternoon relays and team competitions. Our competitions consisted of team spirit, hula hoops, jump ropes, sack races, egg tosses, and more.  

Once we finished outside, we returned back inside to decorate heart-shaped cookies that represented why God died on the cross for us and His great love for us. We concluded our VBS activities with a beautiful prayer of inviting Jesus into our hearts. 

Our final activity with the kids was an award ceremony where we presented the children with special gifts, including personalized water bottles, coloring materials, toothbrushes, and jump ropes. 

Once again we said our goodbyes and are looking forward to the next day with the children.  

Written by: Amaiah Rios 

Edited by: Lluvia Barraza 


It's Sunday and our last day in Mexico. Today we woke up and packed up the bus by 8 am, then we went to Panchos restaurant for our last authentic Mexican breakfast. On our way to Casa de Esperanza, we stopped at the market to go get supplies to prepare barbacoa tacos for the kids for lunch. Barbacoa is a meat that is traditionally only prepared on Sundays and is a special meal for the kids, as they typically eat cereal on Sundays. 

When we arrived the kids were drinking hot chocolate. It was 47 degrees outside where the chapel is located, so we decided to set up the cafeteria area that had heaters for the church. We practiced the worship/dance and drama the kids learned the previous day at VBS, as they were going to perform it in service today. Approximately 10 children, plus our missionaries lead us in vibrant worship, including song and choreography. The children loved it and were full of energy. Next, another 10 children performed a drama based on Judas' betrayal, it was perfect. Everyone loved it, so the kids asked if they could perform it a second time, we all agreed, it was that good and that they should perform it a second time. After that Pastor Joe preached on the Holy Spirit, we had a time of prayer and we all prayed over the kids. 

It was time for lunch, the kids ate the tacos that were made, and many of them came up for second and third portions. We played with the kids before it was time to leave then we all said our last goodbyes. Lots of tears from the kids and maybe even more from our missionaries. We all made a special connection with the children on this trip and they have forever touched our hearts. 

We had an approximate 1.5-hour wait to cross the border. When we crossed the border we had a long drive. Our first stop back in the USA was Starbucks and then for dinner some Whataburger. We made it back to Chapelwood around 11 pm. God moved in a beautiful way and each of our missionaries is dreaming of how they will continue to support the children's home. Our lives are forever changed by this trip.

Written by: Ataliah Rios 

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