We woke this morning to breakfast with the new residents of the former girls’ house and headed to the market! We enjoyed seeing the sights of the local open-air market, and picked up some souvenirs as well

After the market, we drove into the mountains to experience a coffee Finca (plantation) and learn about the intensive process of harvesting, processing, and ultimately roasting coffee. Some of the older kids were able to join us for the tour, and we received the visit in both English and Spanish. We had a delicious lunch at the Argovia Finca and returned home to spend the afternoon playing spoons, twister, and volleyball with the kiddos living in the home we have been staying in — spoons got quite competitive!

Everyone gathered in the big house for a pizza dinner hosted by Chapelwood - Domino’s Pizza was a crowd favorite! After dinner, our team led a devotional. With the help of translator Suri, the groups were able to say our goodbyes and express our gratitude toward each other. Emotions ran strong, and we will all be reflecting on our time here in Tapachula over the next several days and weeks.

Our flight departs tomorrow morning, and we will return to Houston, changed, and hearts full.

-Tapachula Team


God showed up today! We worked tirelessly to finalize the new home this morning before the kids got home from school. Our team moved furniture, made beds, set-up the new kitchen, installed the new appliances, and filled the fridge and pantry. We were all so eager and ready to make things happen!  It was a glorious day! When the kids got home from school, they packed and moved their personal items and joyously marched box loads into their new homes. What a day!  One highlight was watching brother and sister Marleni and Kevin happily running down the street together between houses, grinning ear to ear. It’s a day of adjustment too - for many of the kids and for the house parents as well, (one home did not need to move as it was already arranged in this coed format with siblings homed together). Tonight’s dinner was the first official meal together for each respective family in their new home, and we pray everyone will have restful sleep tonight. 

As we gathered for dinner, weary from a busy day, our team was ready to take a seat at the table and rest our tired legs. Thanks to bakers Sarah and Melody, we had delicious brownies for dessert, and many of us tried Tamarindo juice - a huge hit!

Needless to say we are all going to sleep well tonight after washing away the dirt of a hard day’s work — all for the love of these kiddos!

There is so much joy knowing that much of what has filled the new building comes from Chapelwood’s Foundation Grant. From water dispensers, to study tables... kitchen appliances to bed sheets... all thanks to the generosity of the extended Chapelwood team which we are proud to represent here in Tapachula this week. 

-Tapachula Team


We attended church this beautiful Sunday morning at Iglesias Nazarene, just down the street. The children all had Sunday school before the service, and the younger kiddos left the church service midway for their children’s ministry and returned once the sermon had ended. We were able to sing along with the hymns, reading the Spanish words posted on the screen at the front. All houses gathered for a delicious chicken mole lunch, and we all sat together to hear the big news. Our team was so thrilled to be a part of the homes’ discussion, and experience the big reveal alongside the kiddos who have been much anticipating the news! Jen announced to the group — there are big changes happening for Mission on the Move. There will no longer be a boys’ house and a girls’ house. Instead, there will now be small family units. Siblings will be living together and grouped to form small families. For some siblings of the opposite gender, this will be the first time they have lived together for some time. The children stood as their names were called and the home announcements made. To share at this moment and see their smiles were incredible. The big move will take place tomorrow - Monday - once the kids return from school! Our team will start first thing in the morning after breakfast, moving furniture into the new home! Tomorrow will be a busy and tiring day and we couldn’t be more excited!

-The Tapachula Team


Today was a day full of squeals, laughter, and shrieks of Joy! We all (All three houses, all sets of house parents, our chapelwood team, and Jen, Adam, and Sydney, all made our way to the beach for the day! Jen and Adam rented another non-profit’s Albergue (small hotel) for the day — complete with a swimming pool for the kids and Beachfront views! We all had a blast spending the day together playing in the pool, collecting seashells from the ocean, and grilling burgers in the outdoor kitchen. This Beachside Albergue and surf school is run by missionaries originally from Australia and it was fun to know we were supporting them as well.

Some of the older children requested that we stay to watch the sunset - and it did not disappoint! We all drove back to the houses with beach towels in tow and almost fell asleep in the van ride home - it was a happy day watching these families spend time together! The Chapelwood team was treated to dinner at the best Taqueria in town - we all voted, and it’s pineapple tacos from here on out! 

-Tapachula Team


Another hardworking day getting the house ready! We started the day around the breakfast table with our second family, this home houses brother, and sisters. The group tackled various projects and all went quickly and smoothly working as a team. One person helped in the kitchen, some helped to organize the storage room, and others went to the market. Nothing was more fun than hearing the kids come home from school - they know how to make an entrance! The siblings selected the afternoon activity and we packed the bikes into the van and drove to Los Cerritos Park! It was an active afternoon riding bikes, playing soccer, bad-mitten, volleyball, and jumping rope. You can see the love these kids share, especially among siblings. We went back to the house for a dinner of black beans and plantains - a crowd favorite! And we’re ending the day with churros! Muy delicioso!

-Tapachula Team


What a joyful whirlwind of a day, and it’s only day one! We can’t believe how much fun we have had and how much we have accomplished together as a team already— from putting together new bunk beds for the kids’ new home, enjoying a rousing game of badminton and ending the day in a dousing water balloon fight, we know we will sleep well and happily tonight!


-The Tapachula Team



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