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Fair Haven women are invited to join the United Women in Faith for any of our programs and projects. UWFaith program highlights from our monthly Notes in the upcoming month are listed below. 


DAY CIRCLE (Formerly General Meeting) met on May 3rd

 Program: Special Mission Recognition

Special Mission Recognition

There are several ways financial gifts can be given to support the mission of United Women in Faith, previously known as United Methodist Women.  Special Mission Recognition is one means individuals who have faithfully worked in mission may be honored.    Each spring the local unit of Fair Haven chooses one or more individuals.  There has been a delay in presentation of these awards since 2020 with the outbreak of Covid-19 and its variants.  This year Fair Haven United Women in Faith is proud to have presented five persons with a pin and certificate which represent the gift made to mission in their name. 

Denise Blok --  Denise has participated in UMW activities for a few years.  Denise was a volunteer at the Fair Haven Food Pantry prior to its reorganization.  She had office responsibilities and wrote hundreds of gift acknowledgments with beautiful penmanship and gracious wording.  She has rung in 2 bell choirs, Havenly & Celebration, and continues to do so while also singing in the Chancel choir, all during a challenging two years of COVID restrictions. She participates in membership care by providing transportation and shopping for individuals and serving at memorial service receptions.  By serving women and families in ministry she was chosen to receive a SMR pin.

Andy Cunningham --  Andy became the youthful and enthusiastic Pastor as a result of the Fair Haven/Chapelwood merger.  He has displayed talents as a preacher, friend, leader, and advocate for United Methodist Women.  He is flexible, open to UMW traditions, supportive of our goals, and models mission mindedness with our Spring Branch neighbors, schools, and institutions like MAM by supporting ESL classes and its graduations.  He is a strong advocate for children and youth in this community with active participation in the churchwide holiday events.  He facilitated a smooth transition of leadership for the Food Pantry during the COVID outbreak.  His exceptional leadership brought all Sunday services on-line.    For these reasons, UMW, an organization dedicated to the well-being of women, children and youth, chose Andy to receive a Special Mission Recognition pin.

Debbie Eng -- Debbie has held major Fair Haven leadership positions such as the Chair of Staff Parish Relations Committee and Chapelwood/Fair Haven Merger Committee.  She suggested and implemented FAQ and posted responses during that time.  Debbie made changes to the FH website and continues to do so.  She serves on the Core Team.  She served the Food Pantry as a volunteer, conducted transition interviews and produced resource documents as a result of the merger process.  She continues to do data entry for the Food Pantry.  She produced professional UWFaith Bake Sale fliers helping to provide funds for ministries to Women, Children and Youth.  She has provided years of leadership with VBS registration and compiled the youth and mission garage sale manual.  Debbie is a quiet but a very busy supporter fulfilling the purpose of UWFaith.

Betsy Sutherland -- Betsy graciously returned to Fair Haven after the merger with Chapelwood.  She has served as leader for Children’s chapel and as Pastoral Resource for the Fair Haven Dayschool.  Her knowledge and love of Bible Study has led numerous women and men to faithfully attend weekly Bible Study.  Betsy is Children and Student Ministry Pastor, as well as a Spiritual Formation resource.  She is a promoter for the Youth family lunches, a driving force behind VBS, the Fall and Winter Fest, special family events and summer student activities.  Currently she supervises the youth program assistant. For her ministry to women, children and youth, Betsy received Special Mission Recognition.

Jay Sutherland -- A powerful source of optimism and faith describes this mission minded gentleman.  Jay teaches Sunday School for children and worked with Betsy to anchor children’s church emerging from the merger transition.  He promotes the Youth program, greets at the Modern Service, serves in Stephen Ministry and volunteers at numerous events at Fair Haven.  He can be seen in the parking lot directing traffic, at every event on campus volunteering with a huge smile, safely leading children from place to place, for example at the egg hunt.  He is an example of the mission minded individual that fulfills the purpose of UWFaith, serving children and youth! 

Fair Haven UWFaith Groups:

The Day Circle typically meets the first Tuesday of each month, September - May.  The meetings are on the 1330 Gessner campus in the Trinity Center at 10:00 a.m.  Hope to see you there. See monthly notes for program and refreshments needed.

Wednesday Bible Study, 10:30 a.m., in Trinity Center and available on Zoom.  Email Betsy Sutherland or call 713-630-8631 for Zoom link and more information.  Spring 2022 Bible Study has concluded. 

 The Night Circle will not be meeting until further notice.

Booked for Lunch is a reading group combined with Greenbay and meets jointly on the second Tuesday of the month at the Greenbay Campus.


A New Name for a New Beginning

Our new logo  features our new name of United Women in Faith next to a Christian cross in muted yellow, blue, orange and green to reflect our forward-looking faith and the diversity of  the organization and God’s world. 

The new logo represents the past, present and future of our organization. The symbol refers to our Christian roots. The multicolored pieces of the cross coming together represent the diversity we aim for and the inward and outward reflection we engage in as women of faith. The typography is solid, modern and bold, showcasing our power to support the causes in which we invest.

 United Methodist Women has launched its new brand, including a new website, a new logo, and a new name to go with it: United Women in Faith. You can read about it in the March/April Response issue’s article beginning on page 33, "We Are United Women in Faith!"

 To celebrate, the March/April 2022 digital issue of response is free for everyone, via this link. Share it with friends!

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