Group Contact: John Williams

Community: Sanctuary
Disciple Fast Track, part of the Disciple family of Bible studies, provides a great option for busy people who seek to gain a better understanding of the bible and want to grow as disciples. In 24 sessions, 12 each on the Old Testament and New Testament, the group will experience reading and studying most of the Bible and discovering God’s message for the world together.

About the Facilitator: John Williams 

“I was raised in the Methodist church and have been involved in the Disciple Bible Study series from 1998 through 2006 as both a class member and facilitator.  I came to an awareness when my two children were beginning their faith journeys that I needed to understand my own faith at a deeper level.  Disciple I fulfilled my need for understanding and has been one of the most transformational events in my life, leading me to grow deeper in my faith and relationship with God.  My faith journey also encourages my children to be open to God’s calling and they have found their own place in embracing Christ’s salvation.

I am recently retired from a 42-year career in Environmental, Safety and Health matters in four different industry sectors.  My family lived in several locations between Houston and New Orleans during my working years, and now my two children also reside in Houston.  I have been a member of Chapelwood and the Fellowship Sunday School class since 2010.


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