Group Contact: Chris Ferguson

Community: Sanctuary

For those of us who have yet to find their people, come join us!

On the surface, this group is intended for those who are in their late-20’s to late-30s. But perhaps you are 23 and married and other 23-year-olds maybe aren’t in the same life stage as you. For that matter, say you are 41 and single….and the other 40 something class is not full of your people either. This group is more about the season of life that you are in rather than the number on a cake, the presence of a ring on your finger, or the number of kids you may or may not have.

This IS AN OPEN GROUP. So, invite your friends, neighbors, co-workers and loved ones. All are welcome. No matter who you are.

I have been praying some version of this prayer for about a year now because I feel like it is so applicable for us, especially during this time:

Dear Lord, reveal Your truth to us, Your presence to us, and Your activity in this world. Help us. Help us to be honestHonest with ourselves, honest with each other and honest with You.

I love you all and pray that you find your home.


We gather in the Fountain Hallway and Coffee Shop Area.

No Class During the month of July

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11140 Greenbay St.Houston, TX 77024

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