Our mission is "Mercy Street creates a safe harbor of hope and transformation, so all may experience the radical grace of God!"

Our community includes people diverse in our experiences and backgrounds but common in our desire to seek a connection to God. Whether you have faith, struggle with your faith or have lost your faith, Mercy Street opens its doors to people who desire a place to develop their spiritual journey in community, not in isolation. A lot of us are involved in recovery either from bad church experiences or addictions of “more.”

We believe Jesus is the Son of God and restorer of all our hurts, pain and brokenness. Yet sometimes the followers of Jesus become the barrier to the person Jesus. So if we could tell you one important thing about our community; it is that we are all works in progress. We desire to be on a common path towards loving God and one another with our whole heart. In short, this is a messy community where we will sometimes disappoint one another. The hope is that we don’t run from community, instead we lean-in and trust that giving ourselves towards love in Christ really can make a difference in our lives and our relationships.

Wherever you are spiritually, we will support and love you in your journey.  At Mercy Street words such as transformed, revived, restored and connected have deep roots and can be seen in the lives of real people. Some people have said when you come to a small group or the Saturday night worship, chances are you are talking to a miracle—a life restored from brokenness and moving towards greater transformation.