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In Chapelwood Children Sunday School we are committed to providing a Christ-centered, safe, clean, and engaging space for children currently in 4th and 5th Grade. We welcome new friends and old alike and look foward to experiencing fun and exciting fellowship with you! 

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 JANUARY -- Think Tank: Put Your Knowledge to the Test

God is the author of knowledge. Everything we know to be true about the world is because of God. And while we may never know all there is to know ABOUT God, there are lots of ways we can get to KNOW God. We can know God best through Jesus, who showed us how much God loves us and showed why knowledge is so important. The more we know God, the better we can live God’s way each day.



Monthly Virtue: Knowledge -- Learning Something New So You Can Be Better at Whatever You Do

Memory Verse: "For the Lord gives wisdom;
    from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.Proverbs 2:6, NIV

Core Insight:  Faith/Transformation - God's Spirit is transforming my unique and imperfect life into the character of Jesus. 



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Please Note: For the month of January, we will be combining K-5th grades in the Children's Basement.


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Virtual Sunday School

Melanie Arreaga is currently leading 4th and 5th Grades in the Children's Basement on Sunday mornings.

For more information and volunteer opportunities, please contact Melanie Arreaga