In Kindergarten - 2nd Grade we are committed to providing a Christ-centered, safe, clean, and engaging space for children. As we recognize the importance of Faith, Christ, and the Church in early elementary, we at Chapelwood look to provide for the children's spiritual needs in hopes they find coming to church an enjoyable experience. Above all, we want to teach Jesus' most precious commandment, "to love one another," by showering the children with God's love, attention, and affection.

In Sunday School we implement activity-based curriculum provided by Orange.

Sunday School

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Apostles' Creed

Lord's Prayer

During this time our hope is to reach families across all ages and stages by providing resources that can be used at home and during worship. Here you will find information and access to our My Worship Bag, Chapelwood Children App, Pinterest Page, YouTube Channel, and Facebook. We offer information on Crisis Conversations and a direct link to Pastor LM for prayer requests.


Resources for Home

Resources for Worship