3 1/2 Years Old to PreK Bridge

In Preschool Ministries we seek to lay the foundation of our faith through Biblical teaching, play, artistic expression, music, and fellowship. As Methodists we believe in the life-changing power of God's grace. We are able to instill this value in our children by teaching these three basic truths.

God made me.
God loves me.
Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

Sunday School

On Sunday mornings we partner with Orange's faith based preschool curriculum, First Look. We aim to disciple to each child by combining child development and theology through play-based strategies. By meeting the child where they are we are able to inspire them to follow Jesus' teachings.

During the 9:45 Discipleship/Worship Hour we gather in our Preschool classrooms, LC205-206. Here we will engage in Bible stories, activities, and crafts. The children meet for large group in LC209 to participate in a time of worship and music. Snacks are also provided.

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What is happening in Chapelwood Children?


Resources for Parents


Our Chapelwood School for Young Childrens serves families with children ages 3 months to PreK Bridge. Children at our school experience the world around them through learning centers, which provide for different learning styles, and a "hands-on" curriculum, which in turn nurtures their physical, social, intellectual, spiritual and emotional growth. All of our classes work with a curriculum that ensures each child's developmental readiness for the next level each year. Our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum meets the Texas Pre-K TEKS guidelines for kindergarten readiness. 

More Information about our day school can be found here.

Francesca Recao, Associate Director of Children's Discipleship, Preschool Coordinator