You may or may not know that our third grade scripture readers have a coach and his name is Carl Frost or Coach Carl as he is so warmly called by our kiddos. Carl and his wife Sally have been members of Chapelwood since 2003! 16 years and counting! On any given Sunday you can find Carl reading scripture and serving communion but what may be a surprise to many is that Coach Carl periodically teaches a women’s self-defense class right here on the Greenbay campus. How cool is that?! When asked about volunteering for Third Grade Bible Year this is what he had to say, “When I saw the church was seeking third graders to read during services one Sunday a month my initial reaction was, what a wonderful opportunity for them to learn a skill many people throughout life never obtain! I tell our third grade readers 90% of the adults sitting in the congregation would never get up in front of all those people and read. But, more importantly, what a fabulous learning opportunity this presents, early on, to become closer to and more familiar with the word.” If you were to walk by the Sanctuary on a Thursday afternoon you may hear one of our third graders yelling Dr. Seuss, one of the kiddos’ favorite things to do. Coach Carl uses practice skills such as reading Shel Silverstein’s WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS or various Dr. Seuss books before they practice the scripture they will be reading that Sunday. Carl has this to say about reading scripture, “It is one thing to listen to someone read the scripture to you; it’s another to read it to yourself, but to read it out loud brings an entirely different feeling and meaning to the person doing the reading.” Since Carl began coaching our third graders he has ascertained that not only are they learning how to vocalize God’s truths but they are gaining the gift of public speaking without fear, a skill that will last a lifetime. Coach Carl’s prayer for our third grade readers is this, “I hope all of our readers continue on from here and inspire some their classmates to do the same. In a world that can be upside down for a young person having a church that supports them in doing something that is positive and spiritually fulfilling – nothing could be better than that for our young readers.” Thank you Carl for investing your love, dedication, and time with our third graders! We are so thankful for your presence in their lives. #raisingagenerationinfaith #wearechapelwood #wednesdayshoutout