“The potential possibilities of any child are the most intriguing and stimulating in all creation.” ~ Ray L. Wilbur

The focus of Fair Haven’s Two-Year-Old Class is to promote and nurture social interaction and appropriate conflict resolution. By utilizing The Comprehensive Toddler Curriculum  (Kay Albrecht and Linda G. Miller), teachers facilitate these life skills by encouraging the children to: work together in small groups, maintain the room’s order, independently begin to take care of one’s belongings, and overcome disputes. Working through the rigors of toilet training is also an integral part of the routine in the Two-Year-Old Class.

Some of the favorite activities enjoyed by students in this class include art, puzzles, blocks, music, outdoor learning and reading. Logical thinking skills such as classifying objects by size, shape, and differences, as well as problem-solving skills are also presented in this class.

Children in the Two-Year-Old Class must be at least 24 months old as of September 1.