We’re so glad you’ve found Chapelwood Students. We hope to come alongside you and your family as you grow and wrestle with your faith, so that you can become a lifelong follower of Jesus. We describe ourselves as silly people who are serious about discipleship. Ultimately, that means that we want to know you. We believe that relationships are the best avenue to grow faith that lasts a lifetime, so we create space for intentional relationships and faith formation to happen. 

Contact Us

We’d love to get to know you. Reach out, and we can answer your questions or even take you out for coffee.

 Why Chapelwood Students

 We exist to equip students and families to know and follow Jesus, to be transformed by the Spirit, and to build God’s Kingdom in their world. Many churches view youth ministry almost as a holding pen, where kids can go be rambunctious until they are mature enough to handle the real stuff of the faith. Not so here. We believe students are the church of today. We don’t want to just keep students in church. We want to create young men and women of consequence. We are equipping students to be the church and to change the culture around them. We have avenues for anyone to be a part of what we are doing, regardless of their faith background or knowledge of Jesus. We have tons of fun, and yet, our primary aim is to disciple students, so that they can be with Jesus, be like Jesus, and even do what Jesus did.

What We Believe

THE GOSPEL: The story of how God moved through history to save us from sin and death, justifying us on the cross, sanctifying and empowering us in the Spirit, and promising full restoration at His return.

ACT I: CREATION & FALL: God, acting as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, created everything, including us. We were made good and had a perfect relationship with God and creation, but our sin ruined everything. Death and sin began to reign over us instead of God, and we became blind, sinful, and enemies of God. However, God’s faithful love would not be stopped, and He moved to redeem us.

ACT II: THE INCARNATION: The Father sent Jesus the Son to be with us as a human in the power of the Spirit. Jesus was good. He turned blindness to sight, sinners to saints, and enemies to friends. The cross cost him everything, but it paid the price for our sin, so we might be restored to right relationship with God. The Father raised Jesus from the dead in the power of the Spirit. Death was defeated. Now God can rule over us again instead of sin. 

ACT III: CHURCH & SECOND COMING: The Son created the Church, which lives by the power of the Spirit, which is God’s presence living in us. As we walk in obedience with the Spirit, the blind see, sinners become saints, and enemies become friends. We spread the reign of heaven on earth. We wait for the return of the Son, when He will make everything good again, including us. Then sin and death will finally be overcome forever.

Get Connected

Connect Nights: If you’ve never done anything churchy or just don’t know anyone here yet, Connect Nights is a great first step. Once a month, we put on events for the sole purpose of having fun together and creating memories. Come join us! See events for the next upcoming Connect Night!

Join us for Student Service at 9:45 a.m. in the Student Game Room on the southeast corner of the church. After a short time to hang out, we move upstairs for a game, worship, and a great message from one of our team.

Confirmation is designed for 6th-grade students to explore what it means to be a follower of Jesus, to be transformed by His Spirit, and to take their place in the narrative of God’s mission in the world. Each Sunday morning at 9:45, we'll meet in the game room before heading to the Scout Building for a weekly lesson that covers the foundations of Scripture, faith, and following Jesus. 

You can also join us for Life Groups on Sundays 5:45-7:15 p.m. Students share a meal ($10) and then break out into groups by grade and gender. Relationships are the seedbed where faith is grown, and this is one of the best ways to get connected to a group of students your age.

Want to serve? Click here for the list of where we, as Chapelwood students, will be serving this fall!

Click here to see our calendar with all the events!