Why a Visioning Event?
 Student Ministry has finished their listening sessions and is ready for the next steps! Our next step is to dream together.
We will build clarity and consensus through a fun, positive process that involves people who care about Student Ministry.
We will come out of the process with four documents pertaining to the student ministry:
Core Values
3-year goals
Structure of the ministry

What to expect: 
We will be working on the four documents at the same time in a fast-paced process. 
People typically feel energized and exhausted at the same time when we get done.
Ordinarily, participants are surprised and excited at how clear a shared vision for the youth ministry has become.

Parents, Sunday school teachers, volunteers, etc. are welcome!  Come be a part of setting a vision for our student ministry in the Upper Room. 

 For more information and RSVP contact Sarah Pattillo.  

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