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Confirmation is for sixth grade students who are interested in learning what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and a member of Chapelwood. Our robust program aims to equip students with what they need in order to begin confidently carrying and owning for themselves their faith in Jesus Christ. Throughout the school year, the students will hear from numerous members of Chapelwood's clergy and staff, along with members of the church who believe in the program enough to volunteer their time. At the same time, all confirmands will share in the experience both with their peers in their table groups, with whom they will develop meaningful relationships, and the adult leaders of their tables - parents who commit to walk alongside these students as they progress through the 6th grade school year. 

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Your student is committing to attend Sunday morning class each week from 9:45-10:45 a.m. beginning in August, and continuing until Confirmation Sunday in early May.  There will be required activities at other times during the Confirmation year, including a mid-year Confirmation retreat and an interview with a member of the Chapelwood staff in March or April. At the end of Confirmation the student will be asked if they desire to profess their faith in Christ and become a full member of Chapelwood during a special church service.

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