Jesus taught us to discover the abundance of gifts given to us by God so that our lives may respond in gratitude. Jesus called us to listen closely to the Holy Spirit about how to return our blessings to God, and Jesus himself modeled a life that was challenged to live out God’s will. How do we have conversations with our family about living a Generous Life? Whether you are in the carpool line, having a meal together, or are getting ready for bed, our hope is that this resource will help your family journey together over the next 28 days.

Week One: Born to be Generous

"The journey home- the journey to discovering your best self- begins with this fundamental truth: we are created in the image of a loving and generous God.
‘For God so loved the world that he gave… (John 3:16).’
– A Generous Life, 28 Days of Devotion

We were each created in God’s image and part of that image, God’s image and our own, is living generously.
This week, we will be challenged to open our eyes to see generosity in the people around us and ourselves. 

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 Below are links with questions to help your family process A Generous Life together on the go. 
The questions will be updated each week for you and your family to use.
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Gathering Time

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