“Abide in me as I abide in you. Just as the branch cannot bear fruit by itself unless it abides in the vine, neither can you unless you abide in me.”

What does discipleship at this stage look like?

Powered by God’s transformational grace, you are characterized by one major development beyond the previous stage – the degree of your surrender to Christ. Growth in this stage is deeply motivated by your love for Christ. 

At this stage, you give Christ the keys and allow him to be the “driver” of your life. Your love for and trust in Christ is so deep that you obey Christ even without having to understand the "why" first or even to know, "What’s in it for me?" You feed yourself spiritually through your personal spiritual practices. From the church, you are looking for continued help with discernment of God’s will, you are serving others on your own, and inviting others to join you. You are deeply self-giving and generous.

And you  probably don't acknowledge anything special about your progress on the journey because you are aware of how far you have yet to go; however, you are equipped to lead others as mentors, group leaders, and serving leaders.


1) Deepen Your Spiritual Practices

2) Lead a Ministry.

3) Live Generously.

If you would like some assistance with developing your own personal discipleship pathway, Ginny Itz, Teresa Rossy, or Chris Ferguson would be happy to help you. Please feel free to contact any of them.