Job Summary

Position Overview

Support of the Chapelwood mission, vision and values for ministry is needed for this position.  Ideal candidate demonstrates a desire for spiritual growth in their Christian faith, and a commitment to active participation in worship.

Specific Skills, Gifts, and Talents Needed

To support the mission and ministry of Chapelwood United Methodist Church. Responsible for the overallmanagement of the bookstore, including inventory, sales, volunteers and finances.

  •      Proven leadership experience
  •      Ability to develop and motivate a team of volunteers
  •      Able to resolve complaints and problems as they arise from customers and volunteers
  •      Ability to work on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings
  •      Previous retail management experience is a plus
  •      Good eye for design and merchandising is a plus

Responsibilities & Major Duties:

  •      Cultivate environment of hospitality and welcome in the bookstore
  •      Exhibit compassion, insight and book knowledge in service to community
  •      Recruit, train and supervise bookstore volunteer team including paid high school student workers
  •      Ensure the bookstore is open for regular and special hours of operation. Create weekly employees and volunteers work schedule and deal with any scheduling conflicts.  Be on call to fill in as needed.
  •      Provide on-going support and encouragement for volunteers
  •      Set standards for cleaning, stocking, presentation and customer service.
  •      Develop marketing plans for both the bookstore and coffee shop. The Creative Arts Team will help with signage and market the annual advent open house.
  •      Stay current with Christian book industry trends and be responsive to new approaches and opportunities to further the bookstore mission
  •      Determine which items should be discontinued and which should be introduced.
  •      Organize and design store displays for regular displays and for special promotions and events
  •      Provide staffing and materials for book tables at conferences, retreats and other events. This is optional, depending on ministry requirements, as books/gifts need to be a fit for future sales.
  •      Attend staff and other meetings as requested
  •      Abide by the Chapelwood Staff Covenant

Financial Related Responsibilities:

  •      Manage store inventory including ordering gifts and other store merchandise, maintaining stock at appropriate levels and processing product returns
  •      Establish and maintain healthy relationships with creditors, vendors and distributors
  •      Adhere to an annual budget determined by management
  •      Operate point‐of‐sale system to enhance customer service
  •      Prepare accurate financial information 
  •      Handle bookstore banking matters related to daily business operations
  •      Maintain storage of all inventory and display equipment
  •      Conduct monthly and yearly inventory of stock for accuracy
  •      Maintain sales records and make weekly reports

This position is a Parttime: 20 hours a week; must be available most Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings