Job Summary

All Chapelwood staff members covenant to live by the Staff Values Covenant, which is formulated in the classic Wesleyan format of “do no harm,” “do good,” and “stay in love with God.” 

The primary role of this position is to provide ministry support for the Pastor of Children’s Ministries.  This person will assist in keeping records of Sunday School classes and events, planning meetings and selecting and organizing ministry materials necessary to promote effective Christian ministry and education to children and their families.  

Essential Functions:

  • Care for children in the nursery and at special events. 
  • Help children feel comfortable in the nursery.
  •  Change diapers, feed children and provide for their needs while they are away from their parents and in our care. 
  •  Communicate with parents. 
  • Communicate with nursery director.
  • Attend trainings for nursery staff. 1-2 per year. 
  • Sign up online for nursery shifts. 
  •  Work on Sundays from 8am-1pm
  • Work as needed for special events throughout the year.


Required Skills

  • Possess a deep Christian love and nurturing heart for all children and families
  • Organized
  • Good social skills and a desire to help others; cheerful assertiveness
  • Confidentiality and loyalty
  • Takes initiative
  • Eager to learn from and work with a team
  •  Desire to become familiar with greater Chapelwood community
  • Consistent and cooperative with working hours
  • Willing to try new things

Education and Experience

  • Previous childcare experience preferred

Professional and Personal Growth

  • Enhances professional and spiritual growth through continuing education opportunities
  • Maintains physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual health


Accountable to

Rev. LM Shafer

Chapelwood United Methodist Church

[email protected]




  •  Is a deeply committed Christian, who lives out his/her faith through actions and words
  • Has a passion to grow in faith and for others to know Christ 
  • Takes initiative and is a self-starter
  • Is trustworthy and dependable
  • Is teachable 
  • Is confident in beliefs and self
If you think God might be calling you to this position, contact: