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Classroom Teacher: A teacher's responsibilities will include but not be limited to the following:

  1. Prepare and submit to the Principal, on a weekly basis, daily lesson plans. These plans should be developmentally appropriate, follow the Curriculum set by the school, and should reflect the philosophy ofChapelwood School for Young Children as stated in the Parent Handbook.
  2. Prepare and send home a monthly calendar and newsletter, as necessary, for the parents. Copies of each should be submitted to the Principal.
  3. Send weekly emails to your parents informing them of upcoming events for the week.
  4. Work cooperatively with and inform the teacher assistant of her daily duties and responsibilities.
  5. Treat all children with respect and kindness.
  6. Accompany class to Motor, Music, Science and Spanish classes serving as an actively participating assistant in Motor and Science classes.
  7. Provide for the care of the classroom and equipment; report in writing (work request form), to theAdministrator, equipment, both indoor and outdoor, that needs repair.
  8. Keep an on-going record of each child that includes written anecdotal records, skill checklists, evaluations, conference notes and work samples. This record should be ready to be passed on to thenext teachers at the end of every school year.
  9. Plan for and conduct three formal parent conferences a year.
  10. Report to and end work hours following the times stated in the employment agreement.
  11. Attend morning meetings, age level planning meetings, trainings, and conferences as stated in the Staff Policy handbook.
  12. Attend night functions as requested by the Administration, including Parent Orientation and OpenHouse.
  13. Attend all in-service days as requested by the Administration, and as stated on the School Calendar.
  14. Meet with the school Principal about children's behavior problems. Call and/or meet with parents, as necessary, regarding behavioral problems at school.
  15. Report, immediately, any cases of suspected child abuse or neglect by parents or other staff members to the Principal.
  16. Follow the principles stated in the Code of Ethical Conduct in dealings with parents, co-workers, andchildren.
  17. Follow the Christian principals proclaimed by Chapelwood United Methodist Church.
  18. Follow the philosophy of Chapelwood School for Young Children as stated in the Parent Handbook.

Qualifications: a four year degree with an emphasis in early childhood and a teaching credential, or an associate degree with an early childhood emphasis, or a child development credential (CDA), or a college degree in a related field; experience in an accredited early childhood facility is preferred; must meet all the requirements as stated by the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services, Licensing Division. As

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