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Season 2 - Episode 1: An Update From Dr. Marc Boom

Full Episode

Episode 21: Season Finale!

Full Episode

Episode 20: A Conversation With Marc Boswell

Full Episode

Episode 19: Nascar and Enneagrams

Full Episode

Episode 18: Meditating and Baking


Episode 17: What Is It Like In Minneapolis Right Now?

Episode 17

Episode 16: Are You Listening?

Episode 16

Episode 15: What Is the Church's Role in Racial Reconciliation?

Episode 15

Episode 14: Counterculture and COVID-19

Episode 14


episode 13

Episode 12: A conversation with Melissa Maher

Episode 12

Episode 11: A Conversation with Dr. Jerry Webber

Episode 11

Episode 10: A Conversation With Bill Kerley
Episode 10
Episode 9: A Conversation With Robert Kidd And Stacy Auld

Episode 9

Episode 8: A Conversation With Dr. Marc Boom


Episode 7: What Is Your Greatest Challenge During COVID-19? - Ft. Sonja Gee

Episode 7

Episode 6: How Are We Connecting With Our Families?

Episode 6

Episode 5: How Can We Love Our Brothers And Sisters In Tangible Ways?

Episode 5

Episode 4: Why Do We Worry?

Episode 4

Episode 3: Where Are You From? Ft. Marlon Lizama

Episode 3

Episode 2: What Does It Mean To Live A Satisfying Life?

Episode 2

Episode 1: WELCOME!

Episode 1

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