Meredith V.
I want a community where my daughter will be able to see my husband and me growing in our faith. I want my children to be able to see that and learn from that and know that it’s okay to have questions and continuously work on building your faith.

Eric L.
I want to show other people love by caring for them, being nice to them, and standing up for them.

Katie F. 

In these Oikon meetings – getting together in a very ordinary place, just doing life together, eating dinner, asking “How are you doing?” – over the weeks, these very ordinary meetings turned into something extraordinary and so life-giving. My life has changed in this last year.

Matthew S. 

I’m learning to embrace everything about disciple making. With kids you get to affect them at an earlier age that will then lead into their everyday lives. I’m loving getting to explore the Word with them and be able to support them when they need us.

Tonya B. 

We love the family that Lauren has at Circle of Friends, both participants and the volunteers.  We were amazed how everyone immediately greeted her by name and folded her into the community as though she’d been there a long time. 

Tracy L. 

…we have a very blessed community, but we’re also a blessing to the community around us. The work we do in Spring Branch, the work we do in Kenya, the work we do in Mexico…it’s people giving back…

Walker W. 

I love the people that sit around us in church…they’re like my biggest fans.

Nancy S. 

Everything I do in life is prayer. If you begin to realize and experience God in every moment within you and in everything around you, you do become a different kind of Christian, a different kind of person.

Chris F. 

We’re creating a close-knit tribe of people to help raise our children....To have that be founded in something other than sports teams, or other than the stuff of this world, to have that be founded in Christ is the hope. I’m already seeing those seeds be planted and the fruit begin to grow, which is so cool.

Pamela M.

I have seen so many lives changed. It's so wonderful to see how Christ has been a part of everyone's lives here. 

Mike W.

As we began to pray about what a new service at Chapelwood might look like, we knew God's desire wasn'tonly for a more modern or contemporary religious fgathering, but for Chapelwood to expand our family of faith. Because isn't that what Chapelwood really is? Not a building or an event, but a family. 

Chandler W.

No matter where I am or what I’m doing, this place will always be my home and it will always be open to me whenever I need it.

Luke W.

Being in an environment of people who support you in your goals and your spirituality is always going to keep you moving in the right direction.

Rory B.

We're church friends, but that's not even close to telling the whole story. These are my very best friends - the ones I go to with absolutely everything. Those women, they're who I walk through life with. That's Chapelwood to me.

Zoe S.

My family and my friends show me God’s love without even knowing they’re doing it.

Bob P.

Chapelwood is a very inclusive community. We've met a number of people here and they're all very welcoming and very happy to see you. We felt like a part of it right away.

Amy E.

We saw people doing what the Bible asked us to do. We saw people really loving selflessly and "walking the talk."