The characteristic that most distinguishes people at the "Abide in Me" stage of discipleship is surrender to Jesus. Life is no longer about self; it's about living out your love for Jesus. People at this stage have already developed a rich set of personal spiritual practices that help them connect with and express their love for Jesus. 

We challenge you to keep going deeper. You want more of Jesus. He promises if we seek we will find.

We suggest one of the following

Using the APP Bible Reading Plan (Bible button at the bottom of the APP), reflect on Scripture.

God Calls, I Respond - How to Take My Next Step

How to Walk: Making An Everyday Pilgrimage

The Center's Summer Reading Series 2019

 Creative Space – Personal Reflection

If you would like some assistance with developing your own personal discipleship pathway, Ginny Itz, Teresa Rossy, or Chris Ferguson would be happy to help you. Please feel free to contact any of them.