The factor that most distinguishes people at the "Be With Me" stage of the discipleship journey is the development of personal spiritual practices, sometimes called spiritual disciplines. Things like prayer, meditation, journaling, Scripture engagement, giving, serving, and so on. The spiritual practices are like breathing. Just as you need to breathe in AND breathe out to live, so in the spiritual life you need to both give and receive. The ministries below are selected because they are proven to help you develop both your inward and outward devotional life.

To develop your INWARD connection with God, we suggest one of these: 

"Show Me What You Got" - The Book of James with Rev. Tammy Heinrich

God Calls, I Respond - How to Take My Next Step with Ginny Itz

Homecoming 2019

To develop your OUTWARD connection with God, we suggest one of these:

Prayer Shawl Groups

Sanctuary Usher

Volunteer Receptionist

Collegiate Challenge Mentor

If you would like some assistance with developing your own personal discipleship pathway, Ginny Itz, Teresa Rossy, or Chris Ferguson would be happy to help you. Please feel free to contact any of them.