Methodism since its beginning has recognized the giftedness of its lay members. We believe that to be baptized is a call to ministry. Thus all Christians are “called” in this sense. Clergy are baptized Christians with a “specific call.” In this tradition, laity at Chapelwood have significant roles to play in fulfilling our mission of “making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world” by embodying God’s grace.

Chapelwood operates with an accountable leadership model, that is, it recognizes the difference between doing, managing, and leading ministry. While each ministry has three constituencies attached to it – lay volunteers, staff leaders, and a Core Team of laity -- there is a sharp distinction between what each is to do within an accountable leadership model.

A staff member’s primary role is to “equip the saints for ministry” (Ephesians 4:12). This means that laity should be the ones who actually DO the ministry. Thus, we NEED our lay volunteers! After equipping the saints for ministry, staff then MANAGE the ministry. This means doing whatever is necessary for the volunteers to successfully carry out their ministry. Core Teams, which are composed of staff and lay leaders, LEAD the ministry (which is different than manage). Leading provides the crucial but often missing combination of accountability and support for the staff member. The members of Core Teams are representatives who safeguard the ministry. Who do they represent? Chapelwood as a whole, of course, which is why they are elected to their position. But also the ultimate owner of the church, Jesus.

All of Chapelwood’s Core Teams and staff are ultimately accountable to the Board of Stewards, which is the top-level governing body of the church. It is charged with overseeing all aspects of ministry, including mission and vision achievement as well as managing financial, facility, and staff resources.